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For our visitors who would like
real estate market information
in Connecticut
(see town list below), please
 visit our MLS listings search site today!

Ansonia * Beacon Falls * Bethel * Bridgeport * Bridgewater * Brookfield * Danbury * Darien * Derby * Easton * Fairfield * Greenwich * Kent * Monroe * New Canaan * New Fairfield * New Milford * Newtown * Norwalk * Oxford * Redding * Ridgefield * Seymour * Shelton * Sherman * Stamford * Stratford * Trumbull * Warren * Washington * Weston * Westport * Wilton *
(Our complete town list covers nearly all areas of Connecticut)

MLS Search - search for current listings in the towns above

Help for Homeowners facing foreclosure

Hotlines in Connecticut & National:

Community Action Committee of Danbury

Governor's Hotline

Homeownership Preservation Foundation

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

List your home, land, or commercial property with us and have your listing available on these sites, to name a few!!
City Cribs
Clickable City Directories
CLR Search
Google Base
Point2 Homes
RE/MAX International
Yahoo! Real Estate




You can find great local Bethel, Connecticut real estate information on Michael Conkey is a proud member of the ActiveRain Real Estate Network, a free online community to help real estate professionals grow their business.

Mike Conkey, Internet Entrepreneur, ethanol consultant, real estate investor, REALTOR®, and infomediary - helping my visitors, customers & clients find what they need!




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The Blog delivers Ken's insights into e-commerce and life, all that he' learned from hundreds of thousands of customers over the years. No tech-speak-hype-noise about the latest
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"The Blog"


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